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Volunteer in an Orphanage in Kenya

Once placed here, a volunteer can decide to work in either of the departments – Cook for the children, feed them, teach them, help with laundry, mop the floor, give those who are sick their medication and soothe them to sleep one at a time.

At present, most of the centers are short of staff and most of the above chores are taken care of by a slim staff collectively with the children.

The children are from different backgrounds hence, have different emotional problems in addition to societal effects that range from grinding poverty to HIV/AIDS.

Volunteer Teaching Kenya 

Description: Teach English, Mathematics, Science and other subjects at our primary schools in urban and rural areas of Kenya. No teaching certificate is required, but native English speakers are preferred.

Your voluntary contribution to teach English as a second language in Kenya or to teach other subjects, will be highly appreciated and fulfilling to yourself. We work with a number of schools where teaching volunteers will be placed.. 

Those volunteering for international teaching in Kenya are expected to have at least graduated from high school or be enrolled in a college.

Volunteer in HIV/AIDS Awareness Program

Community Care and Support for People living with HIV/AIDS, a transitionalShelter for AIDS patients, acts as a bridge between health care institutions and patients’ families, to create awareness in the community.

You will foster AIDS awareness in the local community working within a local organization. You will educate the people on how AIDS gets transmitted and how it can be controlled. You will increase HIV/AIDS awareness among the Kenyan population and share your time with them for 20-30 hours a week.

Medical/Dental Internship in Kenya

You will find The Kenya Medical/Dental Missions and Internships opportunity enlightening and rewarding. It's a great opportunity to donate your skills and time to helping others in need, while gaining hands-on medical experience and learning firsthand about medical care in Kenya

Medical and Dental Interns work in hospitals, small clinics, old age homes, orphanages and shelter homes to assist the staff in the treatment of patients. They can educate and guide these disadvantaged people about sanitation, hygiene, nutrition and provide first aid to people with small injuries.

Nairobi Homestay Accommodation

Reliable and Affordable Homestay Accommodation

at Sun Valley Estates, in Otiende, Langata, Nairobi,

Welcome! We have housing and homestay options for singles, couples, groups, volunteers and travelers you name it, we have a place for you. Our homestay offers a great location to all that Nairobi has to offer, as well as a superb base for heading out on your travels around Kenya. Many of Kenya's highlights are just a short drive away from our home.

Volunteer in Old Age Homes 

Traditionally old people lived with their adult children, however, because of the high incidence of AIDS many men and women from this generation have died leaving no one to care for their aging parents.

Program Description:  Volunteers are needed to support and take care of old people in the care homes. Volunteers would work along local staff in the care homes to provide, personal care, feeding, taking care of medicines, physical activity, personal hygiene and simply spending quality time with them to cheer them up and bring a smile to their face.

Wildlife Volunteering Program

In the sanctuaries we have two hotels and camp lodge in which tourists spend their holiday while viewing wildlife. Volunteer’s help in guiding the tourist to where animals have been spotted for example the big cats and to make sure the animals are not crowded by the tourists thus interfering  with their freedom in their habitat.

Volunteers are also involved in giving talks to tourists on animal behaviors in their habitats and importance of conservation. They will also develop presentations on animal’s interactions during evening times in the hotels.

Volunteer in Construction project

Volunteers will assist on constructing an Orphanage and a Pastor's House in one of our local Church.

Volunteers do not need to have any skills or knowledge about construction, as they will mainly be doing unskilled work such as digging, mixing sand and cement, carrying rocks, sand and bricks, fetching water, and painting . They will be led by skilled Kenyans and work together with local community.

Volunteers who wish to stay for longer periods may participate in our other volunteer programs.

Volunteer in Veterinary

We facilitate any International Intern who get placement directly from Kenya Wildlife Service on:-

- Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Pick Up on Arrival

- Transfer to Nairobi Hotel the First Night

- Orientation

- Accommodation With Host Family

- All Meals with host Family

Volunteer Sports Coaching in Kenya

Description: On your sports coaching placement you will be part of a group of volunteers teaching or coaching sport in Kenya. You will work and have fun with the rest of the group. Your responsibilities will be for PE and sports coaching with, perhaps, some academic teaching should you want it, whereas theirs will be for academic subjects with some sports as an optional extra.

In many schools in Kenya sport is not very well organised mainly because of lack of equipment and facilities. Your contribution whilst volunteering in Kenya will be to help improve the sporting ethos of the school will mean a great deal.


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