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Jozani Forest Tour

We encourage you to take at least a small walk through the rainforest, which is uniquely beautiful and very peaceful. If you have any doubts about other mammals having personality, character and choice of behavior, make sure you spend enough time in the rainforests to see the Red Colobus monkeys who shun the cheap feasts provided by tourists along the road. Just as in our human community, there are introverts and extroverts - or normal people and showmen ~ the Red Colobus monkeys along the road will do anything for a banana. Those that remain deeper in the forest, however, maintain a shy dignity and a grace which is poignantly beautiful.

Prison Island Tour

This small island, a few kilometers west of Zanzibar town has a horrible history. Safely away from Unguja and yet always within view of Zanzibar town, it was first used by an Arab slave merchant to detain recalcitrant slaves. In the 1890s a General Matthews bought the island and built what be intended as the prison for Zanzibar.

The building was, however, never used as such. Later, it became a quarantine station for Zanzibar, Kenya, Uganda and then Tanganyika. Today Prison Island is known for its giant tortoises. It offers excellent views of Zanzibar town, fine bathing and snorkeling. We can arrange for an excellent boat captain to escort you. Be sure to have $1.00 to pay admission to the park.

Spice Village Tour

In the 19th Century, the islands of Zanzibar received a major boost in the spice trade with the Omani introduction of cloves. Zanzibar had a near monopoly on the world trade for a long time and despite the emphasis on the wealth gained from the sale of slaves and ivory, the clove industry was the real foundation of the golden age of Zanzibar.

This was however, not the climax of the spice trade, it was only the beginning. For centuries, there had been introductions and exploitations of different forms of spices between the Zanzibaris and the other civilizations of the Indian Ocean basin. Spices were traded along this coast with the Egyptian Fatmid and Mamiukian dynasties and later with the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. The industry provided a source of the wealth and increased trade and economic growth of the middle east in the middle ages. The small spice plots owned by individual farmers are a relatively new phenomenon here. Previously, large plantations were worked by slaves. The individual spice farmer is the heir of his slave forefathers.

An interesting route for the spice tour begins at the Anglican Cathedral which was constructed to commemorate the end of slavery in East Africa. The monuments and relics for the past are deeply moving and the building itself is the physical commemoration of one of the greater moments in human history. To pass from this Cathedral through the spice farms and on to the slave caves at Mwangapani, where hundreds of people were packed into a horrible hole to await death or a lifetime of slavery, is a Journey from our finest ideals back to our darkest, cruelest depths.

A side tour, which is very rarely taken, is a trip to Grave Island. The cemetery is dedicated to those people who lost their lives fighting against the slave trade. We hope that someone will one day write a book, based on the personal tragedies of the men who lost their lives in that fight.


Nikokotoni Village Tumbatu

A trip to Nikokotoni village at the north end of the island. This is the ferrying point to Tumbatu island and the Mkokotoni market is the major point where Tumbatuans sell their fish to Ungujans. For the more adventurous, a trip to Tumbatu Island. where you can visit the only ancient mosque built directly at the sea an the East African coast. The mosque's time of construction is a disputed date anywhere from the 11th to the 17th century. Should you be here at the end of July, you should enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of the celebration of Mwaka Kogua. Dress: festive

Kizimkazi Tour

A tour to Kizimkazi, taking in the old mosque. This building remains the oldest, unarguable confirmation of colonial settlement in East Africa and bears a Kufic inscription dating it to the 11th Century. More serious historians should include a visit to Uzi island nearby. Small boats may be rented for an almost certain swim with the famous friendly dolphins of Kizimkazi.


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